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Craneballs’ ‘Splash Cars’ Combines ‘Splatoon’ With Racing, Launches This Week

Craneballs’ Splash Cars soft launched late last year, and has had a small following of excited players in our forums since then. Gameplay seems like a crazy mix of something like Pako – Car Chase Simulator ($1.99) and Nintendo’s Splatoon as you’re driving around in a car trying to restore color to a black and white world by painting it with your car. Does the premise make much sense? Not really. Does it look like a lot of fun? Yes. Check out the trailer:

Splash Cars is scheduled to shift gears from soft launched to being available worldwide this week, but if you’ve got a NZ App Store account you can get a head start right now. Craneballs are the dudes behind Blimp ($0.99) and the (surprisingly popular) Overkill series of games. What I’m getting at here, is Craneballs makes good stuff, so this should be on your radar on some level.