SEMC Announces ‘Vainglory’ eSports News, Additional 1.14 Details

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Hot off the recent news of Ranked Play Draft Mode, the folks over at Super Evil Megacorp have announced even more news concerning their mobile MOBA, Vainglory (Free).

In eSports news, Team Secret of Dota 2 fame has acquired Vainglory French team Media Pixel eSport. The acquisition is the first mobile-only game team acquisition for Team Secret and is certainly a sign of Vainglory turning heads in the greater eSports world. In related news, SEMC has also hired the founders and is now partnering closely with Vaingloryleague, the largest community-runVainglory eSports organization. The immediate benefit for the hires and the partnership mean even more tournaments in even more locations, which certainly can’t hurt the game’s continuing march towards greater global exposure.


In gameplay news, SEMC also revealed a few details of upcoming changes to Vainglory. In addition to Draft Mode, Version 1.14 will feature Lunar New Year-themed Map with fireworks and other effects. There will also be another limited edition skin, this time featuring Koshka. SEMC also announced additional details on their newest hero to hit the Halcyon Fold, Ozo. Billed as an acrobatic jungle with both weapon and crystal build paths, Ozo will be able to bounce between heroes with area-of-effect damage abilities.

No word yet on an exact date as to when Version 1.14 will hit, but with the news of it being Lunar New Year themed, it can’t be that far off. Meanwhile, stick with us as always as we continue to report and stream (courtesy of the our generous Patreon backers) the latest news on this pretty cool mobile MOBA.

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