New ‘The Angry Birds Movie’ Trailer Worships (?) the Mighty Eagle IAP

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A new trailer for the upcoming The Angry Birds Movie is out, and it shows more of the movie’s main plot and characters. As you probably already know from earlier trailers, the movie is a hodgepodge of movie cliche with the misunderstood hero trying to save the world from a danger only he can perceive. The danger in this case is, of course, the famous Pigs, who steal all the eggs (probably to make a record-breaking omelet). In a way, you could say that the movie is yet another prequel that shows what happened before Red and his gang decided to start sling-shooting themselves with murderous intent. The movie has all the gross humor you would expect from a movie geared towards contemporary children, and, at least, makes the movie seem funnier than the earlier trailer.

Now, what I found particularly entertaining is the portrayal of Mighty Eagle, the mythical hero Red and his guys turn to in their time of despair. Mighty Eagle, in case you don’t remember, was an IAP in the Angry Birds (Free) game that would help you pass a level instantly. So, in a way, you could make an argument for the movie being a study on the strength and necessity of IAPs. Well, until you see the final few seconds of the trailer which “slightly" subvert that idea. Did this trailer make you more interested in the movie, or are you still unimpressed? The movie includes the vocal talents of Peter Dinklage, Bill Hader, Maya Rudolph, and many more, and it’s coming out in May.

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