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Noodlecake’s ‘Pull My Tongue’ to Offer Tongue-Stretching Puzzles on February 4th

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The Noodlecake Games crew has been suspiciously quiet lately, as if they’ve been off enjoying the holidays and the new year with their friends and family instead of publishing new mobile games on a near-weekly basis. They really need to get their priorities straight. Hopefully this is a sign of just that, as Noodlecake has sent over information on their first game release of 2016. It’s called Pull My Tongue, and the easiest way to describe it is that it’s a puzzler similar to Cut the Rope but with a little Noby Noby Boy stretchiness peppered in. Check out the trailer.

Noodlecake is publishing Pull My Tongue for developer David Marquardt, and I’ve got to say that the polish, art style, and interesting tongue-stretching mechanic is a really impressive effort coming from just one guy. It’d be impressive coming from a team of fifty. Pull My Tongue will feature 5 different worlds and 90 levels on launch, and will come at a price of 99¢ with additional IAP for unlocking levels early or buying hints if you want. It should be out February 4th, so stop by the thread in our forums for some discussion as we await this one’s arrival.

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