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‘Daddy Long Legs’ Developer Set Snail Readying Puzzle Platformer ‘illi’ for Release Soon

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One of my favorite games of 2014 was Set Snail’s Daddy Long Legs (Free), the high-scoring game that was all about awkwardly walking for as long as possible as a fuzzy cube with long, lanky, Conan O’Brien-like legs. Now Set Snail is prepping its latest game for release, a puzzle platformer called illi. In illi you’ll play a fuzzy, Yeti-like caterpillar thing and bounce along a series of blocky shapes gathering items and eventually making your way to the exit. Not only are you collecting items, but the number of jumps you take is counted as well, with a par for each level. Gravity will always act towards the surface you’re standing on, making for some puzzling paths through each level. Here’s an example of a level from illi.

I love games with multiple goals and the ability to find optimum paths through a level by using some ingenuity. illi looks like it ticks all those boxes for me, and it doesn’t hurt that the art and animation are top notch, just as I’d expect from Set Snail. The game is currently being talked about in our forums with Set Snail offering up some information direct from the source, and illi is very close to entering either a soft-launch or a beta period so expect to see this one fairly soon.

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