‘Xenoshyft’ Gets Updated, Again, Should Play Much Better on iPhones

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Xenoshyft ($4.99) is a board game turned digital game that had a rough start in life but has been stubbornly improving ever since. Its latest update has finally made the game much more playable on iPhones, a common complaint among players. If you haven’t played the game yet, Xenoshyft came out as a physical board game first after a successful Kickstarter campaign and then made its way to mobile. It’s a deck-building game where you defend against waves of aliens either in solo or in co-op mode. In a way, it’s a base defense game with cards, and it can often get quite intense as you try to survive wave after wave while fighting against pretty bad odds. The game already has a few of the expansions available as IAP, and I suspect more will be coming.

Going through the more than 100 comments on our forum page, you can track the initial disappointment with the state of the game at launch, but then you can see how gradually, the game improved with each update to the point where forum members are now very happy with it. The latest update adds a new camera mode, Static Camera, which offers a simplified mode of board navigation that makes playing on the iPhones much better. If you’ve been hesitant to get the game because of the iPhone UI issues, I think that it’s probably safe to jump in now.

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