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‘Rocket Ski Racing’ is the Next Nocanwin Game

Prolific indie developer Nocanwin has announced his latest game, coming soon to iOS: Rocket Ski Racing. It pretty much delivers on what the title promises: skiing with a rocket strapped to your back. Because skiing wasn’t dangerous enough already, right? Now you get to ski through dangerous icy terrain at ludicrous speed, and through loop-de-loops. I didn’t know those existed in nature!

Controls will be through left/right tilting or touching. You can play through gate chase mode, where moving gates on the courses, challenging you to learn the race lines and to deftly maneuver. Meanwhile, race events will just have you taking on 9 other opponents through the dangerous tracks. Rocket Ski Racing will be free-to-play, with ads to let you re-do an event if you did poorly. There’s also talk of getting this set up for VR on Oculus at some point for y’all looking to pick up a headset. I wouldn’t mind Gear VR support on Android or even rudimentary Google Cardboard support on iOS. Regardless, this one should drop in January.