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‘Tap My Katamari’ Brings Katamaris to the Clicker World

Remember the good ol’ days when Namco would release real Katamari games on the App Store like I Love Katamari and Katamari Amore? They’ve been off the App Store for quite a while now, but The King of All Cosmos is returning, although not in a form you might have expected (or wanted). Namco’s upcoming Tap My Katamari is… a clicker. Check out the trailer:

It’s one of those bittersweet announcements because it’s cool that Namco is still releasing Katamari games on iOS, but the fun of the series is rolling up all sorts of crazy stuff in a 3D world… Not simply applying that theme to the same ol’ clicker model that has become so popular on the App Store. But, hey, whatever, we’ve said before a great theme can make or break a clicker and rolling up a huge katamari is no more or less stupid than making tacos, generating bitcoins, and/or many other things we’ve done in clickers.

Namco isn’t getting specific about a release date beyond “soon," but considering the iTunes freeze is today, we’re definitely looking at after the 29th at the earliest as a potential release window.