‘Final Fantasy 7’ Goes on First Mobile Sale, and a Ton of Square Enix Games are on Holiday Sale

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If you’ve been looking for an RPG or ten to play over the holidays, Square Enix has put a whole bunch of their games on sale. This includes the first sale for Final Fantasy VII ($15.99), down to $10.99. There’s a whole bunch of classics on sale here as far as RPGs go, though some of the games on sale haven’t quite been updated for iOS 9, so buyer beware, quite literally. All these games are on sale through January 5th:

Also worthy of note, Square Enix Montreal’s excellent unorthodox takes on the franchises in their stead are on sale for cheap, which are all worth checking out. Especially Hitman: Sniper, which has a silly holiday update. All of these games are on sale through the 31st, with Hitman GO not going on sale until the 20th.


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