‘Runeblade’ for the Apple Watch Gets Another Huge Update

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Seven months into the launch of the Apple Watch and you can still count the games worth playing on it on one (or maybe two, if you’re feeling generous) hand. Runeblade (Free) has been at or near the top of that list since it was released, and they’re wrapping up 2015 with a massive update which concludes the first “season" of content in the game. If you’ve been following along, that means a battle against the undead gods known as the Arai. If you haven’t been following along, well, there’s a surprising amount of stuff going on inside the world of this seemingly simple Apple Watch game which you should totally hop into. Check out the trailer they just released:

Aside from additional content, the game is packed with new features, items, artifacts, and all sorts of other stuff on the black market. Anyway, all this Apple Watch stuff seems super niche, right? Well, sort of. The developers have published some statistics in the form of an infographic that shows just how sticky the game is. They’re averaging 20 play sessions a day with 57% day one retention which is really good, if you follow these sorts of things.

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