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‘Zenge’ is a Clever Tangram Puzzler with a Story

Zenge is looking like quite the intriguing little puzzle game. It’s a tangram puzzler with a unique hook, where each piece must be assembled in the right order, not just the right location and rotation. Basically, each piece is on a line, and will collide with pieces in its way. So you have to be smart about the order that the pieces must be assembled in. It seems like an interesting take on a well-trod genre, with new gameplay elements not seen in the trailer showing off the first few levels:

A couple other nifty things about Zenge: the game is described by developer Hamster on Coke Games (which is one of the more ridiculous studio names I can recall) as being an actual puzzle game, where the tangrams you put together are assembling actual pictures, not just abstract shapes. Plus, there’s a story to Zenge, involving the journeyman Eon stuck between worlds, with the puzzles tell his tale. Sounds interesting, and you can expect this one early next year in February or March. There’s a forum thread to participate in if this one interests you.