Here’s a Recap of the ‘Clash of Clans’ Town Hall 11 Update Changes

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Well, it’s almost time; tomorrow, Clash of Clans (Free) is getting the huge Town Hall 11 Update that should change the game quite dramatically, hopefully for the better. Since Supercell has given us two full weeks filled with sneak peeks, I wanted to get everything together in one article to help prepare you for the changes coming to the game tomorrow. The first big change is Town Halls don’t give shields anymore, so no more Town Hall sniping. Your Town Hall acts like a storage, but destroying it doesn’t give you automatic shields. You can attack while shielded now, which reduces part of your shield time. You’ll have now better control over the length of your shield, protection from disconnects, and from just missing the shield expiring. As the video states, we’ll have to see how all this plays out once the update drops. We’ll also get better loot, league bonuses, and trophy offers which should prevent very high level trophy players from getting destroyed in defense.

We are also getting the Eagle Artillery – the new Town Hall 11 defense – Wizard Tower Level 9, and an extra Archer Tower, Wizard Tower, Cannon, and X-Bow for Town Hall 11. And in order to balance out all these defensive structures, we are getting a new Hero, the Grand Warden, whose ability to grand temporary invincibility to nearby units should bolster offensive tactics. We’ll also get Level 3 Witches, and Level 7 Minions. Any player with Level 4 or higher Clan Castle can receive a Dark Spell donation.

Clash of Clans

All attacks have been expanded by 30 seconds because village space has also increased, Goblins target Town Halls and Clan Castles for double damage and reduce rearm time, loot percentages have been increased, and Town Hall 11 will be able to hold 10 million gold and elixir. These are just some of the changes coming to the game, so expect Clash of Clans to feel quite different starting tomorrow.

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