Enjoy this ‘Clash of Clans’ 360 Virtual Reality Raid While Waiting for Town Hall 11 Update

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Ever imagined how Clash of Clans (Free) would look in first person? Well, thanks to this 360 Virtual Reality Raid, now you can. Supercell might busy preparing for the Town Hall 11 Update that should drop on December 10th, but the company still found some time to give us this really smart 360 trailer that shows you how a village looks from atop an Archer Town as it’s attacked. You get to see giants, dragons, balloons, hog riders, and barbarians up close and pretty personal in a trailer that really helps bring the game to life. I could really see how Clash of Clans could become an animated series based on this trailer; the story part would be trickier than the visuals, but I’m sure it could be done.

Now, to the more technical part of this trailer. Supercell has actually build it to work on the YouTube mobile app and uses the phone’s gyroscope to let you experience the battle in 360 degrees. If you have any of those fancy VR things like Google Cardboard, you could even enjoy a virtual reality village attack. This trailer is quite a smart idea because the radical shift in perspective really changes your view of the game. What kind of troops do you think would make for the best VR raid?

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