A New ‘Hearthstone’ Tavern Brawl is Live – It’s the ‘Battle of Tol Barad’ and the Spells are Free

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This week we aren’t getting a Hearthstone (Free) League of Explorers wing because people will be after turkeys rather than cards. Still, we are getting a smaller Hearthstone fix with the Battle of Tol Barad Tavern Brawl that is now live in NA. Apparently, magical creatures are escaping from Tol Barad (a WOW zone). In this Brawl you create your own deck and then each time you play a minion, you get a random spell of the same cost that costs 0 mana to play. The spells can be from any class, so don’t pick a class simply because the class spells are strong. Having the spells be from all classes also means that this Brawl will be a bit different than many previous Brawls and also that the Brawl is pretty RNG-heavy.

So, as you can imagine, your deck should be mostly minions on a nice curve to ensure you have a good tempo. You could always go Mage, since many Mage cards like Flamewaker and Mana Wyrm get buffed or deal damage when you play spells, or with a Zoolock deck. You could also have minions like Burly Rockjaw Trogg that get buffed when your opponent plays a spell. And if you feel like really killing your opponent, you can bring a Summoning Stone along since it gives you a minion with the original mana cost of the spell you cast.

In general, you can be pretty sure that many spells will be played in this match (since they are all free), so plan accordingly when you build your deck. Overall, this seems to be quite fun if you like RNG-fests like I do. Getting to mess around with cards from other classes is always entertaining and not an experience we often get. If nothing else, this Brawl should hold you over until next week and the League of Explorers third Wing.

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