‘Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes’ Now Available Worldwide

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year: Star Wars tie-in season. Between Star Wars Battlefront, the many toys arriving on shelves, and apparently every single foodstuff in Japan according to our Shaun Musgrave. Soon everything will be related to Star Wars or the holiday season. Maybe even both! As such, EA has decided to release worldwide their Star Wars free-to-play RPG at a good time. Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes (Free) is out now. This one’s been in soft launch for a bit, but is now worldwide just ahead of Thanksgiving.

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes features exactly what it says on the tin: a whole load of Star Wars characters from across the entire era of the franchise. Characters from the original series, prequels, the upcoming The Force Awakens, and even Star Wars: The Clone Wars are here. Fan favorite Ahsoka from the computer-animated series is here! And you can mix and match characters from both the Light and Dark sides of the Force, as the game is set around a Holotable concept. But you can pretend that you’re finally ruling the galaxy as father and son, fighting off other unlikely team-ups in PVP battles.

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