‘Clash of Clans’ Town Hall 11 Update Preview Video: Destroyed Town Halls No Longer Provide Shields

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We’ve been following the Clash of Clans (Free) Town Hall 11 update pretty closely, as ever since it was revealed at ClashClan Supercell has been teasing that this is going to be the biggest update the game has ever seen… Which is why they’re breaking out teasing the other things in the update over the course of a few different videos by ChiefPat:

Today’s video goes over the fact that getting your town hall destroyed no longer provides a shield. This is going to really shake up base building, as people would just put their town hall on the outside of all their defenses just because when it got trampled, it’d give a shield. So, why not? Well, that strategy is going away. Shields now are rewarded based on how much of your base gets destroyed, better yet, no shield will be given if the attacker doesn’t deploy at least 50% of their army.

Also, if you attack while shielded, it just takes a bit of time off your shield. Roughly three hours per attack at the start, scaling up based on how much you attack. Stay tuned for more of these video previews.

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