The League of Explorers’ Uldaman ‘Hearthstone’ Wing Opens!

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27214Hey fellow Hearthstone (Free) fanatics, the second wing of The League of Explorers is now open. Adventurers brave enough to journey into Uldaman and come out unscathed will be rewarded the Brann Bronzebeard legendary (along with a bunch of other cards) which lets your battlecries trigger twice– Basically the opposite of Baron Rivendare’s ability that triggers your deathrattles twice.

Baron Rivendare resulted in some pretty silly interactions, my favorite of which recently is Warlock decks that use Dreadsteds in fun ways. Sure, the decks that rely on these kind of gimmicks aren’t amazing, but they’re a good time to play, which is really all that matters.

The first wing of The League of Explorers was super fun, so Blizzard has some high standards to meet this week. Oh, and it’s worth mentioning that they’re taking a break from releasing new stuff next week for Thanksgiving, so the third wing will open two weeks from now.

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