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‘Uridium’-Inspired ‘Hyper Sentinel’ Gets New Trailer and Music

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Fans of 80’s style shoot ’em ups have two games to keep an eye on: Z-Exemplar, which boasts a Spectrum ZX influence, and Hyper Sentinel, which borrows influence from Commodore 64 game Uridium. Hyper Sentinel‘s speedy, flip-flopping gameplay in a mobile-friendly, tweaked for modern devices style, could prove to be some fun. And we’ll apparently get to see if it lives up to its look and the hype I’ve given it, as a beta might be rolling out really soon, according to the developer in the forum thread. But also, there’s a new trailer, and it features music by Fractures, the UK artist who’s done some banging tracks for games like Starseed: Origin ($2.99) and the upcoming Knotmania.

Hyper Sentinel is looking better than ever, and I’m looking forward to hopefully going hands-on with this one at some point. And I’m really happy that all these faux-retro shoot ’em ups are in the works. I’m a sucker for them and love seeing modern takes on games that might otherwise be lost to history. Do keep an eye on the forum thread for more on the progress of this game.

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