This Week’s ‘Hearthstone’ Tavern Brawl is a Slightly Different Version of the First Ever Brawl

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Remember back in June when Hearthstone (Free) launched its brand-new mode, the Tavern Brawl? Seems like ages ago, doesn’t it? That first Brawl was Showdown at Blackrock Mountain, or Ragnaros Vs Nefarian, a clash of two pre-constructed decks that many felt was unbalanced since Nefarian was a faster deck while Ragnaros needed to win in the later turns, which for many was easier said than done. Well, this week Blizzard decided to make up for that Brawl by doing a repeat Showdown at Blackrock Mountain but with a slight – but important – change; Nefarian starts with 4 mana crystals rather than five. This nerf should help slow down Nefarian a bit and make the matchup a bit more balanced.

The Nefarian deck is, of course, all about dragons and cards that synergize well with dragons, so it should be very fun to play. The Ragnaros deck includes many of the Blackrock Mountain Adventure bosses too, so it’s fun to play around with their crazy abilities (you even get Moira Bronzeboard whose deathrattle is Summon Emperor Thaurissan just like in BRM). Keep in mind that this is the last Brawl before the first The League of Explorers releases tomorrow, so hopefully from next week we’ll have some LOE-related Brawls (unless everyone over at Blizzard is working on the new adventure. So, go get your free pack and have some fun with crazy Legendaries. I’m planning on playing the Brawl on our Mobcrush channel in a couple of hours, so drop in and say hi.

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