Stephen Colbert Knows the Reason Activision Blizzard Wanted ‘Candy Crush Saga’

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Many of us have been wondering why exactly Activision Blizzard threw 5.9 billion dollars King Digital’s way. Yes, there are some logical explanations like Activision wanting King’s huge customer base or something along those lines. However, Stephen Colbert has what I think is a much better explanation, and it’s related to a story I wrote the other day. If you remember, newly-formed Activision Blizzard Studios will be making movies based on Skylanders and the Call of Duty franchise. Well, Colbert has a very valid theory that explains everything that has happened in the Activision-King saga (see what I did there?) The theory (which I see as entirely plausible) is all about Candy Crush Saga (Free), a movie deal, and none other than Mr.Taken himself, Liam Neeson.

Without spoiling anything, I do have to warn you: the following movie clip includes references to IAPs, extra lives, and jelly gore, so if you are around children, I suggest you escort them to another room. And now enjoy this lovely snippet only we managed to get our hands on (we had to pay an IAP just to bring it to you).


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