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Much-Awaited ‘Crashlands’ Closing Beta Applications Today and (Hopefully) Going Into Beta Soon

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I know we haven’t talked about Crashlands much recently, but we didn’t really have much to report. Ever since the story we ran back when we got the game’s first gameplay trailer, we stopped hearing anything about the game as the developers decided to run on silent mode. Well, just the other day they finally came up to periscope depth to explain how the game is coming along. Apparently, they jumped on the hype train a bit too early before realizing all the work still needing to be done. Their launch window was too optimistic given the game’s ambitions, so they dove deep down and silently kept working on the game. The bad news is, of course, that the game isn’t out yet, but the good news is that the development has been going splendidly, and we should get a better game in the end.

Yesterday, the developers posted a Beta ‘living’ timeline and announced they are “breathing down the neck of the Crashlands Beta,’ which is great news for all. The beta build seems to be pretty feature-complete (outside the Creator thing), and from how the list looks at the moment, it should be coming to us pretty soon. For that reason, the developers have announced less than an hour ago that they are closing the Beta applications at some point today; if you want to be part of the beta testing, you should jump here immediately and hope to grab one of the remaining spots before the beta gate snaps shut. Even if you don’t get in the beta, though, the game’s development is in its last phase, so not long before we get our hands on this very promising game.

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