Newly-Created ‘Activision Blizzard Studios’ Developing a ‘Skylanders’ Animated Show and Maybe a ‘Call of Duty’ Movie

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I’ve been seeing Activision’s name everywhere these last couple of weeks. First, the company acquired King Digital for a pretty penny, then we had BlizzCon 2015 this weekend with a slew of game-related announcements and a Warcarft movie trailer, and now we have the creation of ‘Activision Blizzard Studios’ that will continue adapting IPs to the big screen. The first project will be Skylanders Academy, an animated show based on the Skylanders (Free) franchise that has grown to humongous proportions over the last few years. If you haven’t played any of the games, they take place in the world of Skylands, which has (you guessed it) floating islands. The various Skylanders have a bond with the ten elements of Skylands (pretty much like Captain Planet but less cool) and use those powers to defend Skylands from the villainous Kaos (did you see what they did there?) who wants to obtain the Core of Light. The various characters will be voiced by the likes of Justin Long, Ashley Tisdale, Jonathan Banks, and Norm MacDonald.

The other big project hinted at strongly is a Call of Duty movie. At the Investor Day conference, Activision stated that there’s a plan to develop a “robust cinematic universe based on the ‘Call of Duty’ Franchise." Since Activision didn’t offer any further information on this project, we can only speculate from here. Personally, I don’t see a Call of Duty movie as too much of a leap since the last few Call of Duty games I played felt like movies lightly-dipped in game design; the franchise’s huge set pieces could easily translate into a movie theater experience, and the various characters that inhabit the Call of Duty world(s) are the gaming equivalent of Hollywood action heroes. I know most kids will devour the Skylanders show, but do you think a Call of Duty movie would rake in the dough at the box office, or do you think such a movie should have happened a few years ago?

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