‘Tiltagon’ Gets a Big, Spikey Update This Month

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Kiemura, a studio founded by Jyri and Piia Kilpeläinen, released Tiltagon (Free) with Noodlecake earlier this year, and it was a pretty solid game. But the game is far from finished, as a big 2.0 update comes out on November 19th that adds some new cosmetic features, along with a brand new game mode that should change the way many players play the game:

The new game mode features 10 levels to try and make it through as quickly as possible, which promise to test players’ skill to ridiculous degrees, but also provide some progress for players, and perhaps some consistent challenges to try and tackle to get better at the game. Plus, there’s now a total of 36 blocks to try and unlock, including spiked balls and skulls, to unlock and play as. All sound like welcome additions, and you’ll be able to check them out starting on November 19th when the update launches.

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    Tiltagon has come rolling back with a vengeance with an all new game mode, unlockable balls and more!

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