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When the Next Ice Age Comes, Head to the Center of the Planet with ‘Antyz’

It’s inevitable that our little planet will one day be a big ice-covered rock. Whether it’s related to global warming or just the natural cycle of things, many, many years after everyone reading this is dead and gone, another Ice Age will arrive. By that time, the only living creature left on the planet will be ants. It makes sense, okay? Since these are highly intelligent future ants, they realize that their smartest play will be to dig to the center of the Earth, you know, where it’s warm and stuff. Yes, this is the real premise behind Antyz.

First of all, I love dig into the ground games. Give me Doug Dug (Free) on a desert island and I’ll be good to go. But Antyz looks like a digger game taken to the next level, as not only are you digging and discovering interesting items and places but there’s also puzzles to solve along the way. And this isn’t one of those randomly generated games, no, it comes with 100 hand-crafted levels. I’m excited to try out Antyz when it releases, which is planned for later this month on November 18th.