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‘King Tongue’ is a Game With a Giant Grappling Hook Tongue

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I enjoy grappling hook games, and think there are way too few of them in the world. Super QuickHook (Free) remains maybe my favorite iOS game of all time, and Kepa of Rocketcat says that part of the difficulty of doing a game like that is because it’s difficult to do. The physics, the level design, everything. So, when a developer decides to try, I applaud. Thus, when I saw the trailer for King Tongue, I suddenly got rather excited:

A game where you not only get to swing around and bop enemies, but get to do so with a giant, elongated tongue? I am suddenly very curious about King Tongue. Plus, the effects make this look like something that makes everything you do have an impact to them. Well, King Tongue from Ankama releases on November 19th, and will cost $1.99. I’m excited.

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