‘Zenonia’ Goes Online in the Just-Released ‘Zenonia S: Rifts In Time’

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We’ve got a soft spot in our hearts around here for the Zenonia series, as the first Zenonia came out at a time where most games on the App Store were supremely simple as developers were both still learning the platform and trying to figure out what iOS gamers wanted… Then Zenonia came out of left field as a full-fledged action RPG with dozen of hours of gameplay and all the other things that have just become normal for Zenonia games. Well, the sixth installment hit the App Store today, and it’s called Zenonia S: Rifts In Time (Free). Note that’s an S and not a 5.

Announced back in March, Zenonia S was originally titled Zenonia Online (which arguably is a way more sensible name, but, whatever) and features all sorts of online stuff between PvP battles, huge raids, boss fights, and more.


The one complaint people seem to have with the game is that is very free to play, but, I’m not sure anyone reasonably expected otherwise. Since it’s been in beta for months, it seems reasonable to assume all that has been tuned pretty well, but, we’ll see as we get deeper into the game.

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