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Upcoming WWII Card Game ‘Nuts!: Battle of the Bulge’ Looks Challenging But Fun

If you like complex wargames and card games, the upcoming game Nuts!: Battle of the Bulge might be just the thing for you. This HexWar game surprisingly skips the hexes and, instead, brings the Decision Games’ card game to mobile. First a few quick words about the title. During the Battle of the Bulge, Germany’s last big counterattack of WWII, the Nazi forces surrounded the key city of Bastogne. The German General sent a long ultimatum to General McAuliffe demanding his surrender to which the American Commander responded with one word, NUTS!. While in this game you won’t be able to trade verbal insults to win, you will be playing with more than 300 cards featuring units, terrain, and events (all bearing authentic WWII images), you’ll be able to play either as the U.S. or the German side, you’ll have to deal with weather and terrain effects, supply lines, cohesion checks, and more.

In other words, this card game sounds like a complex WWII strategy game played with cards instead of a board. Just to get an idea of the depth of this game, there are event cards such as German commandos misdirecting traffic, mass surrenders and panics, air strikes, and (apparently) even Patton’s prayer for clear weather. So, if you’re looking for a complicated card game with an entertaining theme and a fun title, keep an eye out for NUTS!: Battle of the Bulge, launching next week for $10.