‘Pac-Man 256’ Gets New Theme and Powerups

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One of my favorite games this year is definitely Pac-Man 256 (Free), and I’m glad to see that the game is getting some new content, as Namco and Hipster Whale have just added to the game. The big new addition is the new 80’s theme, which you can buy for $0.99. It’s flat and colored like the original arcade game with black backgrounds, but it somehow looks more modern than the default theme, as it boasts cleanly-drawn characters. Hmm. Still, we can see where the game may be going from here as far as non-powerup content goes. If you played Pac-Man Championship Edition DX ($2.99), you know there’s all kinds of zany themes that can be introduced.

Pac-Man 256 Update

Along with the new theme comes four new power-ups: Radar, Cherries, Sonar, and Electric. The game also boasts Everyplay replay support, much like Crossy Road (Free) has. Performance has also improved with iOS 9 \’96 my iPad Mini 2 ran the game at noticeably impared performance compared to iOS 8, and now it’s back to full speed again. All welcome updates for a fun game, indeed.

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