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Happymagenta’s Working on a Stylish ‘Pac-Man 256’ Meets ‘The Last Rocket’ Game

As I have said before, Happymagenta is one of my favorite casual game publishers on the App Store – they make generally solid stuff and they have good art. Especially so when it’s pixel art, which they use often and are good at doing! Well, one of Happymagenta’s developers tweeted out a GIF of a game he’s working on, and Happymagenta confirmed to me that they’re publishing this game. It doesn’t quite have a finalized name yet, but the GIF shows off some stylish Pac-Man 256 (Free) meets The Last Rocket ($1.99) action.

Yes, sign me up for this. Also sign me up for Into the Dim, a grayscale turn-based roguelike:

Both of these games scratch the itch for the kinds of games that I like, so I’m feverishly anticipating these in the coming months.