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‘Dark Fear’ is a Pixelated, Story-Driven Adventure Horror Game that’s Coming Soon

It’s been just about a year since developer Arif Games unveiled their upcoming adventure/horror/RPG mashup Dark Fear on our forums, and at long last the game is just about ready to be released. Inspired in several ways by the classic Sierra adventure games of the ’80s and ’90s, Dark Fear has that retro pixel art look, but still promises to be heavy on the scares. It also promises to focus on RPG mechanics more than your typical adventure game, which sounds really cool. You can get a really good idea of what Dark Fear is all about in this official trailer.

One of the most interesting things about Dark Fear is how Arif Games has said they’ve crafted the game to be welcoming to a broad audience without making it a pushover. The game starts out simply, but as you explore and start to find your way new mechanics and features are being introduced. As Arif puts it, “The game gently unravels more and more of its many complex layers" as you play, and “This was done to allow even the most novice gamer to effortlessly ease into the full game and enjoy its dark, twisted storyline."

It all sounds very interesting. Dark Fear is already in Apple’s hands awaiting approval, and should hopefully be out before the end of the month, which would be perfect for Halloween. A final price hasn’t been determined yet, but the game will be premium with no ads or IAP. Check out many more details and discussion in our forums, and look for Dark Fear to drop really soon.