Classic iOS Puzzler ‘Helsing’s Fire’ Gets Long-Awaited Compatibility Update

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With all the recent drama surrounding iOS 9 breaking a bunch of games, you might be apt to think this sort of thing is a new problem. It isn’t, iOS updates have been breaking games for years! Around this time last year, iOS 8 broke one of our all-time favorite games, Helsing’s Fire ($0.99). From developer Lucas Pope, who also created Papers, Please ($7.99), Helsing’s Fire originally launched way back in July of 2010 and quickly won our hearts with its unique “illuminating" puzzle gameplay and its oodles of personality.

While it did receive some post-release content updates, the game hadn’t been updated since 2011 prior to iOS 8 breaking it. We contacted Pope back in December of last year and much to our surprise he told us that he had someone working on a compatibility fix update for Helsing’s Fire, due out sometime in 2015. If you remember though, this past June the release of iOS 8.3 magically fixed a bunch of the games that previous versions of iOS 8 had broken. Helsing’s Fire was among those games.

However, while the game technically was running again under iOS 8.3, several players in our forums had noticed some lingering issues, so it’s very nice that the promised official compatibility update has finally released. The downside is that this update really is strictly a compatibility update, as no new content or features have been added, not even widescreen support for iPhone. While that’s a minor bummer, the main point is that one of iOS’s best puzzlers is now up and running again, meaning people like me can finally play though Helsing’s Fire again and many more people who weren’t around in the earlier days of iOS gaming can finally check it out for themselves.

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