‘Fallout Shelter’ Gets Updated to 1.2, Introduces a ‘Fallout 4’ Character, But Not All is Well

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You might have heard of this tiny little franchise called Fallout and its hugely successful mobile game Fallout Shelter (Free). Bethesda continues to update its F2P hit, and yesterday we got update 1.2 which adds plenty of new stuff (all written in typical Fallout language) along with a character from the much-awaited Fallout 4. The new update adds cloud saving, a new Survival Mode that offers more danger and more glory, allows dwellers to scavenge equipment from dead Raiders, adds the ability to skip the tutorial (which I’m so glad about), adds a statistics page to help you get a better idea of what’s going on in your Vault, and, of course, the usual bug fixing (which has a whole different meaning in a game where you often kill bugs).

The update also includes an App Store exclusive offer that comes with free lunchboxes and, more importantly, Piper, a Fallout 4 character. The update trailer includes a cut-scene from Fallout 4 where we get to see Piper in action. I’m glad to see that Bethesda is crossing the beams of Fallout Shelter and Fallout 4; now let’s hope that Shelter’s IAPs won’t end up in Fallout 4. However, not all is well with the update; apparently, 1.2 has introduced a very low cap on Wastelands explorers, from over thirty down to ten. As you can guess, no one is happy with this new cap because players are stuck with dozens of dwellers simply sitting around the Vault since they can’t go out. We’ll see whether Bethesda will revert its decision after all the complaints.

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