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Rocketcat Games Announce Upcoming ‘Five Card Quest’ on Our Forums

Rocketcat Games already has an incredible catalog of games on the App Store between classics like Hook Champ (Free) and… more recent App Store classics like Wayward Souls ($7.99). Everything they release seems to be great, so, for that reason alone it seems worth being very excited for the new title they just announced on our forums. It’s called Five Card Quest, and it’s a turn-based card-based dungeon crawler-y tactical RPG. Effectively, they took every word I like to use to describe video games and magically are making it into one title.

Here’s the preview video:

Five Card Quest will be out in around a month, and Rocketcat’s Kepa Auwae is hanging out in our forums answering questions if you’ve got any beyond, “Why isn’t this on my iPhone right now?"