Shakira Is Teaming up With Rovio Because, Sure, Why Not

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If you thought Mariah Carey getting mixed up with Game of War to star in commercials for the game was weird, strap in for this one- According to E! Online, Shakira is teaming up with the guys at Rovio to do some sort of Angry Birds crossover as revealed by Mashable. Here’s the new video they’re teasing, showing off Shakira’s involvement:

If for some weird reason the name Shakira isn’t immediately familiar to you, you’ll undoubtedly recognize this song of hers inside of the first five seconds. The hook of that song is about as memorable as John Cena’s horns. It makes sense, considering Hips Don’t Lie was apparently among the best-selling singles of the 21st century.

Will that success translate over to Angry Birds? I mean, maybe? If nothing else, it’s very interesting watching all this stuff play out from the sidelines. If you told me back in 2008 that the simple tilt-based games of the App Store would lead to these kind of collaborations inside of a decade, it would have been hard to believe.

But, here we are.

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