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‘Solitairica’ Mixes Solitaire and Roguelikes in Early 2016

I am all in favor of the recent trend of solitaire-based RPGs, asa I like the idea of taking the familiar input of a deck of cards and turning it into something that fits into the less-abstract world of RPGs. We’ve seen Card Crawl (Free) and Donsol ($1.99) already, but there’s another one in the works: Solitairica. The first game by the folks at Righteous Hammer games, consisting of ex-AAA veterans, this aims to combine solitaire and roguelikes in the vein of FTL ($9.99). Check out a trailer for the game:

You’ll be fighting enemies with the solitaire system, and using items to help get an advantage in battle, with each suit apparently corresponding to different elements. Solitairica is planned to be “100% premium" and is expected to release in early 2016 on iOS first. I’m digging the production values on this one, and as I said, solitaire-based RPGs intrigue me, so this does seem worth keeping an eye out for.