‘Kingdom Hearts: Unchained Chi’ Hits The Japanese App Store

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Square Enix seems to like surprising us lately. With little warning, their new social RPG Kingdom Hearts: Unchained Chi has released on the Japanese App Store. Naturally, it’s completely in Japanese at this point, making it slightly inaccessible if you don’t understand the language, but hey, it’s here. As we already knew, it’s a free-to-play game that mostly consists of fighting a series of battles alongside Disney and Square Enix characters.

Kingdom Hearts: Unchained Chi apparently serves as a bridge to the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 3, which is on schedule for a console release sometime after Chernobog starts attending church services. Just kidding! It’s probably coming soon, in the glacial sense. As for Unchained Chi, it seems to feature all the usual things we’ve come to expect from a Square Enix social RPG. Gorgeous production values, premium currency, online check-ins, and so on. I haven’t had a lot of time to play with it yet, but I did get to make my own avatar and fight a battle or two. Apparently they’ll give a keyblade to anyone these days! The battles feel a bit like the ones in the Game Boy Advance Kingdom Hearts: Chain Of Memories, with a lot of tapping and deck-shuffling. I imagine the cards are going to be the collectible items that we’ll pull from a random lottery.

While we don’t know when it’s due to hit worldwide, but Square Enix did announce at E3 2015 that it would be making the jump, unlike many of their other free-to-play social RPGs. I’ll spend a little time with the game this weekend, and with any luck, will be able to give a slightly bigger preview for you all on Monday or Tuesday. Just remember, everyone is Sora. Yes, even you.

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