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‘Adventure Roller Skates’ Has a New Name, ‘Raider Rush’, and a Release Date

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Adventure Roller Skates is a game we and especially Jared here at TA have been excited to play. But if you too are excited to play Adventure Roller Skates, well, I have bad news: you can’t play Adventure Roller Skates, ever. That’s because the game has gotten a name change to Raider Rush. Gotcha! Egg and your face were in alignment.

Anyway, Tatiaki’s vertical platformer will challenge you with 30 difficult levels where you must ascend through hazard-filled levels while staying alive. There’s also an endless mode, and a speedrun challenge to test your skills at the game, too. Expect this one to release next Thursday, on September 3rd for iOS first, with an Android version later. I have to say that Raider Rush might be a better name, though Adventure Roller Skates certainly stands out, too. But the kids need games with the title “Rush" in them, I suppose. Check out the forum thread for more – including possible promo code giveaways.

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