New ‘Hearthstone’ Tavern Brawl Has Arrived – First Opportunity To Play With The Grand Tournament Cards!

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As I wrote about yesterday, Blizzard decided to give us an early taste of Hearthstone‘s (Free) The Grand Tournament by having this week’s Tavern Brawl be all about the new cards. This Brawl has two pre-constructed decks, a Mage and a Hunter deck, that have a mix of old and new cards. Now, as with the first Tavern Brawl, Ragnaros Vs Nefarian, the two decks aren’t balanced, and they play quite differently. I’ve included below the decks for today’s Tavern Brawl to give you an idea how each one will play. You’ll also get a pack (not a TGT one, sorry) for your first win. Go then, get an early test of the new cards that will, hopefully, help with the anticipation for TGT release this coming Monday.


Alleria (Hunter Deck)

Hunter’s Mark x2
Arcane Shot x2
Tracking x2
Bear Trap x1
Freezing Trap x1
King’s Elekk x2
Lock and Load x2
Snipe x1
Animal Companion x2
Unleash the Hounds x2
Cobra Shot x1
Ram Wrangler x1
Tundra Rhino x1
Acidmaw x1
Armored Warhorse x2
Refreshment Vendor x1
Master Jouster x2
The Skeleton Knight x1
Captured Jormungar x2
North Sea Kraken x1


Medivh (Mage)

Fallen Hero x2
Polymorph: Boar x2
Spellslinger x2
Flame Lance x2
Blizzard x1
Coldarra Drake x2
Rhonin x1
Lowly Squire x2
Tournament Attendee x1
Boneguard Lieutenant x2
Garrison Commander x2
Argent Horserider x1
Dragonhawk Rider x1
Evil Heckler x2
Maiden of the Lake x2
Kvaldir Raider x1
Nexus-Champion Saraad x1
Kodorider x1
Frost Giant x2

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