Hipster Whale’s ‘Pac-Man 256’ Just Released, Go Get It

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You’ve heard us talk about it, maybe you’ve even watched us stream it on Mobcrush, but now you can pick it up and try it yourself, because Pac-Man 256 (Free) has officially released worldwide. Developed by Hipster Whale of Crossy Road (Free) fame, the game combines the familiar Pac-Man gameplay with some interesting new tricks.

In the original Pac-Man arcade game, going past stage 256 caused the game to corrupt the display a bit with garbage characters. You could still play, but it was pretty hard since the corrupted characters could block your path and do all sorts of other weird things. Pac-Man 256 jumps off of that idea, tilting the familiar maze to an isometric perspective and making it stretch out endlessly. The corrupted characters start chasing you from the bottom of the screen, and the regular ghost enemies are naturally on the prowl, as well. You can pick up the familiar power pills to turn the tables on the ghosts, and you’ll steadily unlock all kinds of other neat power-ups, too.

We’ll have a full review of the game for you pretty soon, but brave little campers can go ahead and play the game right now by following one of our handy links. Personally, I think it’s a great celebration of one of gaming’s original icons, and perhaps the most perfect fit for mobile we’ve seen yet. Have fun, friends!

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