Celebrating (and Advertising) Renewable Energy With Lovely-Looking ‘The Path to Luma’

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NRG, a pioneer in developing smarter energy choices (as per the company’s website), has given us a lovely, free game, The Path to Luma (Free), that promotes sustainability by having you play as SAM (short for Sustainability Augmentation Model) as it travels to save the galaxy. The game plays out across 20 worlds filled with all kinds of puzzles, all the while reminding you that the device you are holding (which has been made using barely any renewable resources) can act as a messenger for a cleaner, more sustainable future. The game has a great art-style and lovely music and, despite my slight sarcasm earlier, does try to send a message through its gameplay, which is never a bad way of going about trying to change hearts and minds.

What really surprised me was the team behind this game; The Path to Luma was developed by Phosphor Games Studio, creators of Horn, and the soundtrack is the work of Austin Wintory, best known in gaming circles for his work on Journey and Banner Saga 2. As you can tell by these names, this game probably isn’t a quick attempt by NRG to gain some cheap advertising because it could have done that with a less prestigious team. You should give this game a try as it’s completely free and has no IAPs whatsoever; it really looks and plays much better than probably any one of us would expect it to.

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