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Boarding Party’s ‘Dice Mage’ Releases Next Week, and Their ‘Combo Quest’ Got an Update

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The developers at Boarding Party have been quite busy recently, as they’ve submitted their upcoming game Dice Mage to the App Store, and it’s set to release on Thursday, August 20th. The game features dice-rolling combat, where you try to roll a higher number than your opponent, but have dice with special effects, and can do re-rolls based on your mana, with successive re-rolls having higher costs. It’s a clever combat system, and the game is setup in a quasi-roguelike way where you start over from the beginning each time with your starting stats, but equipment carries over from game to game. It’s a nifty game, and I recommend checking it out this Thursday when it comes out.

But Boarding Party has also been at work on Combo Quest (Free), their previous game. A past update that added in some welcome improvements, such as boss checkpoints, difficulty balancing, and changes to the combos, was great, but the game’s gotten new features in the 1.2 update. Now you can ride one of several steeds into battle as new optional IAP purchases, giving you additional health. One of the steeds can be unlocked by beating the Combo King, too. This update is available now, and Dice Mage will be hitting next Thursday.

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