Check Out These Limited Edition Hexagon-Shaped Vinyl Records that Feature the ‘Super Hexagon’ Soundtrack

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Ah, Super Hexagon ($2.99), you are an all-time classic and one of my personal all-time favorite video games. Besides your incredibly challenging twitch gameplay, your kick-ass soundtrack that’s filled with pumping bleeps and bloops, courtesy of chiptune musician Chipzel, is a huge part of what makes playing you so damn intoxicating. I had the privelage of seeing Chipzel live during GDC a few years ago, and let me tell you it is no joke. One of the most energetic live performances I’ve ever seen, especially for it being a single person cranking out tunes entirely on a modified Game Boy. Anyway, if you love Super Hexagon and/or Chipzel and/or oddly-shaped records and/or all of the above, you’ve got to check out these limited edition vinyls of the Super Hexagon EP.


Yes, those are actual records shaped like hexagons, featuring the entire Super Hexagon soundtrack. That’s meta! Now, I say the “entire" soundtrack but really it’s an EP containing less than 10 minutes of music, but it’s a fantastic 10 minutes. I don’t even own a record player anymore, but I ordered one of these bad boys just to have because they’re so cool. If you’re interested in one yourself, you better hurry as they’re limited to just 400 presses of each color. You can order them through the I Am 8-bit website for $25 each + shipping. In an effort to keep things simple, you won’t be able to order a specific color, they’ll just be assigned to each order randomly. However, if you order more than one record they’ll make sure you don’t get any duplicate colors. The record comes in a slick-looking clear sleeve designed by Cory Schmitz that features a mock-up of a screen from Super Hexagon. Mobile games don’t get a ton of memorabilia type stuff, so if you’re a Super Hexagon fan be sure to check out these unique records.


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