TouchArcade Deals: Pay What You Want to Learn to Make Video Games

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We checked out what’s getting the most traction on our deals site, and it looks like a lot of people are gravitating towards the various eLearning stuff we’re offering. So, today we’re highlighting a pay what you want game developer bundle that features three different parts: A set of courses surrounding building games without any programming knowledge required using Stencyl & Construct 2, courses on building HTML5 games using a bunch of different tools, and finally, building both 3D and 2D games in Unity.

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Here’s how this all works- Pay anything over a buck and you get the first part on building games without any programming knowledge. Beat the current average of $7.44 (as of this writing) and get the whole bundle. If you pay enough to get on the leaderboard (Which seems to be $75 or more), you get everything and a chance to win a Samsung 50-Inch 4K TV with Apple TV. Anyway, if you want to get an idea of what you’re getting into, you can see what these eLearning courses are like by checking out some of the free ones.

Either way, if you’ve always been curious about building games, here’s a good chance to turn that curiosity into a summer project.

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