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‘Winter Fugitives’ is Like the ‘Crossy Road’ of Stealth Action Prison Break Games

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Argentinian developer HeavyBoat has spent the past 6 years busting out contract work for some big-time companies in the mobile space, like Disney, LEGO, and Cartoon Network. Now, they’re on the cusp of releasing their first original game called Winter Fugitives. It’s a stealth action game about breaking out of a remote prison in the mountains during a snowstorm. You’re the last prisoner from your ward to join in on the unexpected escape attempt, so you’ll need to sneak around barriers and avoid detection from roaming guards in order to break free. You’ll have a chance to free additional prisoners along the way and even earn some money, which can be used to bribe guards who do happen to catch you. Or if you’re quick enough, you can surprise guards and take ’em out the old-fashioned neck-breaky way. Check out the trailer.

I really like the visual style of Winter Fugitives, and the game itself seems really cool. Despite having a bit of storyline (there are hints that there’s more to this prison break attempt than meets the eye), Winter Fugitives is described as an endless game. It gives me a Crossy Road (Free) meets Gesundheit! ($3.99) kind of vibe, and I like it a lot. Look for Winter Fugitives to launch next week on August 20th for free.

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