‘WWE vs. MMX Racing’: A Crossover That Actually Makes Sense

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Sometimes, mobile game crossovers make no sense. Like the Sonic Dash (Free) and Angry Birds Epic (Free) stuff. That seems very corporate. At first, the WWE vs. MMX Racing (Free) crossover, an update to the existing MMX Racing, feels like the same thing. But, let’s think about it. WWE is all about loud spectacle, right? Monster trucks are the epitome of loud spectacle. There seems like a huge crossover there. And hey, I know one person who enjoys WWE, and enjoys vehicular mayhem to the point that he buys tickets for destruction derbies in advance. Add in the fact that it’s free to play, and I’m pretty sure Eli Hodapp’s squealing like a schoolgirl over WWE vs. MMX Racing.

Monster trucks representing a whole bunch of superstras and divas are available, and you can race them against each other, causing all sorts of destruction in the name of chaos and victory. There’s gonna be a bunch of folks excited about this, and MMX Racing is an entertaining take on the drag-racing genre, because hey, monster trucks. Make the trucks represent wrestlers, and yeah, this makes perfect sense. The update with the WWE trucks is available now.

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