This Week’s ‘Hearthstone’ Tavern Brawl is “The Masked Ball”

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If you love RNG, the addition of the Tavern Brawl in Hearthstone (Free) has to be like a weekly Christmas morning for you. Every Wednesday we’re seeing crazier and crazier game modes, with most of them leaning so heavily on randomization it’s insane. Last week’s Unstable Portal brawl wasn’t much fun for me personally, as it kind of felt like you were just flipping a coin for who was going to win. This week, things are a bit better because you get to build your own deck.

The gimmick hinges around the idea of a masquerade ball. Whenever a minion dies, another one comes back with a mana cost that’s two less (Revealing their “true identity"), so minions are super-sticky. I’m anxious to get fiddling around in this game mode, but it feels like ramp Druid decks would be real good. Ramp into beefy high-cost minions, and get maximum value out of the Tavern Brawl effect.


What do you guys think? Give the new Tavern Brawl a whirl and let us know what sort of deck seems to work best for you.

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