Just Make ‘Crossy Road’ T-Shirts, JEEZ.

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m49378-crossy-road-emo-goose-men-s-t-shirt-cccIf you eat, sleep, breathe, and eat Crossy Road (Free) (Well, eat chickens, I guess) and want to proudly display your Crossy Road love to the world in the form of an internationally shipped T-shirt, guess what? Today is your lucky day. Hipster Whale just launched the Crossy Road store, throwing their hat into the ring of one more popular iOS game taking a crack at merchandising.

The cool part about their store (and what usually sucks in writing stories like these) is they’re shipping for free to 190 different countries. Usually this news is framed around a sad trombone for anyone who lives outside of the USA. Not today! Adult-sized shirts will set you back £16.99 which with today’s exchange rates is about $27, which would buy you an awful lot of Crossy Road unlocks instead.

But, if you can’t live without an Emo Goose t-shirt, or any of the other Crossy Road swag on their store, it’s the perfect time to go wild. Personally, I’m just a little disappointed that the release of Crossy Road knockoffs seem to have subsided a little bit, as it was really fun telling developers to “Just make Crossy Road, JEEZ."

C’est la vie.

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