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‘Farming Simulator 16’ Lets You Chop Trees and Farm with a Friend Next Month

There are some trends I just don’t quite get, but hey, if it’s your bag, don’t let me stop you. I don’t think I get the appeal of Farming Simulator, but it’s apparently really popular in Europe. Y’all keep on farming, and with the upcoming Farming Simulator 16 for mobile, you can do just that. Enjoy massive open-world farming and even local multiplayer farming:

There’s new crops, over 50 vehicles and tools, including logging tools. Okay, I can understand wanting to chop down trees with giant machinery. And maybe that’s where the fun is, using all this giant machinery in a game environment. It’s a lot easier than, say, actually being a farmer, especially if you perhaps live in an urban environment. This will be available on August 6th for $4.99, so if you’re interested in the latest and greatest in farming simulation games, get excited.

Update: We’ve been informed the price of the game will be $4.99 instead of $2.99, and have updated the article.