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‘Battle Golf’ is the Next Game from the Developers of ‘Wrassling’

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The duo of Colin Lane and Folmer Kelly, known for Wrassling (Free), are returning to an earlier collaboration between them in the upcoming Battle Golf. If you remember Golf is Hard (Free), this is basically that but centered around multiplayer, as you go head to head on the same device with someone, trying to get the ball in the hole before they do. And your balls can hit theirs. Have a shot that is close to going in? Shoot a ball all the way over to the other side of the map and stun your opponent before they can take a shot and knock your ball around!

Battle Golf‘s multiplayer has you shooting to try to get to a score of 5 before your opponent. If you’re forever alone, you can play a singleplayer mode where you try to score as many points as possible before the 60-second timer runs out, with an additional 5 seconds per point. It’s a pretty amusing game, and you can check it out for yourself as a free-with-ads download on Thursday, July 30th. Check out the forum thread for the game!

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