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‘Dice Mage’ is a Dice-Rolling Combat RPG from the Developers of ‘Combo Quest’

Boarding Party Games, the developers of the interesting game Combo Quest (Free), are hard at work on a new game, called Dice Mage, and we have the first trailer of it. This game has you fighting battles by rolling dice, with limited rerolls, in order to cast spells and defeat your enemies. You’ll be able to win all sorts of items and equipment to help you in your quests to defeat many enemies. Check out some of the game in action, featuring plenty of giant falling treasure chests:

They’re planning on releasing Dice Mage this August, with the game being free-to-play, but lightly-monetized: there’s only one currency with no timers nor any paywalls. The game looks interesting, and I’m curious to see what lessons Boarding Party Games is taking from Combo Quest, a fun-but-flawed game, though this seems to be somewhat in the same style of art, with plenty of potential chaos from the dice-rolling. This could prove to be fun.